Here's the thing: I’ve been in your shoes.

After trying to push through and continue to work, I finally had to take disability retirement from the Social Security Administration and file for SSDI myself. I was devastated. I wanted to work but just couldn’t, and I didn’t want to spend the limited energy I had fighting SSA for my benefits. I wanted to avoid having to appeal my claim. With the insider information I possessed and the strategy I developed, I received  SSDI on my first try. I have been teaching this same strategy to people like you for years and many have gotten their SSDI benefits - often with a sizable amount of money in retroactive benefits. 

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About Me

I'm constantly looking for ways to do better and feel better, and I love sharing the resources I find.

My why

Many of my family members have served in the military.

My family

I am a VA caregiver to my wonderful husband who served two tours in Vietnam.

My husband

My Veteran clients make my life have purpose, and I love them!

My clients

I have a service dog who helps mitigate my disabilities and greatly improves my quality of life.

My pup

Veterans have earned and are deserving of all the benefits available to them.

We owe a debt of gratitude to our Veterans that can never really be repaid.

I am in a unique position to help Veterans get their Social Security Disability benefits.

I believe: