Knowledge is Power

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Here's the thing... I've been in your shoes.

After trying to push through and continue to work, I finally had to take disability retirement from the Social Security Administration and file for SSDI myself. I was devastated. I wanted to work but just couldn’t, and I didn’t want to spend the limited energy I had fighting SSA for my benefits. I wanted to avoid having to appeal my claim. With the insider information I possessed and the strategy I developed, I received SSDI on my first try. I have been teaching this same strategy to people like you for years and many have gotten their SSDI benefits - often with a sizable amount of money in retroactive benefits.

About Side By Side Solutions

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Side by Side Solutions,LLC was formed in 2019 by Lisa Hiering (that's me!); a retired Social Security Claims Specialist with extensive expertise in the unique challenges of Veterans Social Security Disability claims. I am a wife and VA Caregiver to my combat Marine husband.
I work with Veterans who cannot work due to disability. The SSDI process is confusing and complicated but it doesn't have to be when you work with me. I will walk you through the process step by step, show you exactly how to present your claim, how to complete forms, how to handle yourself in exams, and I will support you and answer any questions you have along the way.

What I Believe

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I believe in the value of every Veteran. Military service comes at a tremendous cost - both physically and mentally- and I see it every day. I want to demystify the process of getting SSDI and offer real, consistent support to those Veterans going through the process.
Going into this battle armed with knowledge, a solid strategy, and a Battle Buddy who has also won it herself, is the best way to give yourself a great chance of getting your hard earned benefits.

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