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Watch the video series below to learn about the most common 8 SSDI myths and discover all you need to know about my SSDI Insider Secrets Course for Veterans.

Watch these 8 common SSDI myths

SSDI Insider Secrets Course

* for Veterans only
The Course includes a workbook and other critical documents for your claim and a discussion board where Lisa is available to answer all of your questions (you can ask questions anonymously if you choose).

I walk you through:

Knowing what the basic definition of SSDI is, understanding the specific criteria, knowing what to claim, what to choose as your date of onset, and how to file.
Putting a solid, succinct medical evidence package together to include only the good evidence (and three other items that make a claim really good that Social Security will not ask you for). Knowing how to get that package where it needs to go and being sure it is seen and considered properly. Knowing how to get additional items where they need to go.
Knowing how to complete the additional forms- one is very tricky and you can mess up your claim by doing it wrong. And knowing how to lessen your chances of being sent for CE’s- or, if you are sent, exactly how to handle them. Appeal instructions are part of the Course as well.
What's Included:
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Discussion board where you can ask me your questions
  • Ongoing support throughout the claim process
  • Appeals instructions provided when necessary
The course is $499
(course will open in a new tab/window)

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